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Jackson Family V AEG Civil Court Case / Re: Jackson Family V AEG Live
« Last post by moonstreet on February 07, 2013, 09:57:26 PM »
Michael Jackson’s Mom’s Gets Court Favor
Posted Wednesday, February 06, 2013-4:07 pm

LOS ANGELES (CNS) – Attorneys representing Michael Jackson’s mother in her lawsuit against the promoters of the concert tour he was preparing for at the time of his 2009 death have obtained a court order directing the coroner’s office to provide copies of slides and X-rays regarding the late singer.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Yvette Palazuelos issued the order Tuesday during an unscheduled hearing, finding that there was good cause to grant the request.     Katherine Jackson, 82, and her late son’s three children allege AEG Live negligently hired Dr. Conrad Murray to care for him. The singer was set to perform 50 shows in London for AEG Live, but died on June 25, 2009, of acute propofol intoxication in Los Angeles while rehearsing for the concert series.

The negligence suit was filed in September 2010 by Katherine Jackson on behalf of herself and grandchildren Michael Jr., Paris-Michael Katherine and Prince Michael.

The Jackson family matriarch’s attorney, Kevin Boyle, stated in his court papers that the items obtained will be helpful in preparing for trial in his clients’ case against AEG Live.

“These materials are undoubtedly relevant to this wrongful death case,” Boyle wrote. “The X-rays and slides will assist counsel and retained experts in presenting trial testimony and performing analyses relating to liability and causation.”

The analyses are necessary because AEG Live disagrees that negligence by Murray, Jackson’s personal physician, caused the pop star’s death and refuses to acknowledge that that the singer himself had no fault for bringing about his own death, according to Boyle’s court papers.

“Accordingly, these X-rays and slides may be used by (plaintiffs’) attorneys and shown to expert witnesses in their preparation of this case,” Boyle wrote.

Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in Jackson’s death and was sentenced in November 2011 to four years in the Los Angeles County men’s jail.

News and Information / Re: The Estate V Tohme Tohme
« Last post by moonstreet on February 02, 2013, 12:17:04 AM »
Summery and updates about the case

There are two dueling lawsuits: Tohme's complaint against Estate asking for money, Estate's complaint against Tohme claiming breach of duty. Tohme's complaint against Estate asking for $ is pending Labor Commissioner decision. Estate says Tohme wasn't licensed to be a talent agent Estate claims as Tohme wasn't licensed to be a talent agent, he is not entitled to any money and any & all agreements with MJ is void.  Labor Commissioner is going to make a decision on that. If successful Estate can void any agreements between Tohme & MJ. Estate's complaint against Tohme claiming breach of duty is ongoing at probate court albeit slowly.Judge ordered Tohme to provide accounting Judge's order "compelling Tohme to account for all monies and other property of Jackson's in his possession and control at any time all monies & property of Jackson's misappropriated by Tohme, &all actions and transactions taken by Tohme with respect to Jackson's assets " Obviously Tohme isn't happy and he's trying to get out of these by making dismissal requests. Estate is opposing. It's an ongoing situation

Tohme situation also has connections to Neverland and Michael's drawings (currently in possession of Brett Livingstone-Strong) For Neverland based on MJ-Tohme contract if Estate tries to buyback Neverland from Colony Capital they will be required to pay Tohme 10% fee If Estate can void Tohme's contracts, they can buy back Neverland without paying Tohme. They can also try to challenge the deal w/ CCapital Some fans criticize Estate for not buying Neverland from CCapital but in reality it makes sense to wait for Tohme lawsuits
end  Tohme abused power of attorney&gifted MJ's drawings to Brett L-Strong, If Estate can win lawsuit they can challenge ownership& get them back

How do they argue 2 POA signed by MJ? No independent counsel. Dennis Hawk was Tohme's counsel and rep MJ as well

Thanks to @Ivy_4MJ  on Twitter
Wicked Whispers & Racy Rumors: Michael Jackson-Cirque show
By Robin Leach
Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2013

Wicked Whispers & Racy Rumors! Exclusive news about the new Michael Jackson residency show headed to Mandalay Bay this spring. It will not have a title -- just a number. Cirque du Soleil officials are tight-lipped about the numeral they’ve chosen, so the guessing game begins.

I also have learned that the Montreal cast and crew move here to begin rehearsals on the nearly completed stage at Mandalay as of Feb. 18. One spywitness who saw the acts rehearsing in Montreal said the acrobats are the world’s best and exceed any other performed to date in any Cirque show.
News and Information / Re: Jackson 5 Cartoon Series Being Released
« Last post by moonstreet on January 27, 2013, 04:09:34 PM »
Jackson 5ive cartoon series comes to DVD for first time
Steve Jones2:41p.m. EST January 19, 2013

Bieber-mania may be big, but it's nothing compared with the frenzy that erupted when the Jackson 5 burst into the mainstream in 1969 with I Want You Back. ABC, The Love You Save and Maybe Tomorrow followed that first hit to No. 1 on the pop charts and the star of the sibling group from Gary, Ind., was just getting started.

It wasn't just the hit singles — though they would keep coming — but a seemingly ubiquitous presence on TV, on tour, on magazine covers and in stores, where their heart-tailed J5 logo was emblazoned on every conceivable type of merchandise.

In brothers Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Michael, Motown had the ultimate embodiment of its boast — "The Sound of Young America." Not surprisingly, a Saturday morning cartoon featuring the band gave their youngest fans a chance to laugh along with their heroes. The Jackson 5ive: The Complete Animated Series (1971, Classic Media Video, not rated, $33; Blu-ray/DVD combo, $40) is available for the first time on home video with all 23 episodes and 46 songs that aired on ABC from 1971 to 1973.

The series was produced by Motown and animation producers Rankin/Bass (best known such holiday specials as Rudolph and Frosty the Snowman). It came on the heels of The Beatles cartoon, which had aired on ABC from 1965 to 1969. And as with The Beatles, The Jackson 5ive's fictionalized misadventures were voiced by actors and not the actual musicians. The most prominent of the voice actors was Paul Frees, who did hundreds of voices over the years, including that of Boris Badenov on The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show. Don Fullilove (who currently voices Reginald on American Dad) provided the voice of Michael, while Edmund Silvers — lead singer of '70s family soul group The Sylvers — was the voice of Marlon.

But despite the Jacksons not being directly involved in the show, Michael was cute as ever. Fans familiar with him only from his King of Pop/Thriller days may not recognize the cherub-face imp with the Afro. His brothers had similar hairstyles, although Tito's was mashed down under his big apple cap, and they all sported colorful big-collar shirts and bell-bottom pants.

But while you didn't get to hear the real talk, you did get two real songs per episode. Not all of the songs were hits, though all of the big ones — Mama's Pearl, Goin' Back to Indiana, One More Chance, Never Can Say Goodbye — make it in along with album tracks that include covers of songs by Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder, the Delfonics and others.

All of the episodes involve the brothers trying to get themselves or sometimes get Michael out of a jam. In one episode, the little brother gets inducted into the army and in another he's adopted by a lovesick gorilla. They also try their hands at farming (bad idea), pine after the same flight attendant (another bad idea) and save a forest from a greedy concert promoter. Michael also has a habit of bumping his head and them dreaming that he and his brothers were in Oz or up Jack's beanstalk.

Michael's pets are often the source of mischief. The first episode riffs on the apocryphal tale of their discovery by Diana Ross when she made a tour stop in Gary. (They had actually been brought to Motown founder Berry Gordy by singer Bobby Taylor, who along with the Vancouvers had the interracial-love-themed hit Does Your Mama Know About Me.) Rosie, Michael's pink snake, who has one red and one green eye, somehow gets loose and makes its way to the venue where Ross is playing. The boys meet Ross when they come to rescue Rosie, and Ross invites them to come to Detroit for an audition after hearing them sing.

His other prominent pets are two mice, Ray and Charles, who reside in his shirt pocket but pop up when something's afoot. Is it any wonder that his first No. 1 solo hit was Ben, which was about his friendship with a rat? He also has a Hairy Godfather, who occasionally pops up to grant Michael a wish. Of course, with all the success they were having, you'd think he could have conjured up a better ride than that get-out-and-push jalopy they boys tooled around in.

Cirque du Soleil The Immortal Tour / IMMORTAL Asia Promotion and Reviews
« Last post by moonstreet on January 27, 2013, 03:52:41 PM »
Cirque du Soleil to stage Michael Jackson show in Taipei
2013/01/27 14:42:52

Taipei, Jan. 27 (CNA) A theatrical production that combines the music of late singer Michael Jackson with the acrobatic moves of Cirque du Soleil will be staged in Taipei in June, offering fans a new sensory experience, the organizers said Sunday.

The 105-minute show, produced by the Canadian entertainment company Cirque du Soleil, uses more than 40 songs by the "King of Pop," as well as his visuals and dance moves, according to the United Daily News Group, which organized the event in Taipei.

"We hope audiences will be able to experience the charm of the legendary singer at the show," said Zoya Chou, a member of the organizing team.

Tara Young, artistic director of Cirque du Soleil, and dancer Mansour Abdessadok will arrive in Taiwan on Jan. 29 to promote the show, the news group said.

The production "Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour," which was launched in 2011, will be held at Taipei Arena from June 28-30.

It was the highest grossing performance tour in the United States in 2011.
News and Information / Re: Vanity Fair October 2012 & New Book UNTOUCHABLE
« Last post by moonstreet on January 27, 2013, 03:11:40 PM »
Michael Jackson's 'sock puppets' should look at the man in the mirror
By Felicity Capon10:48AM GMT 23 Jan 2013

Anyone who dares publish a book deemed to offend Michael Jackson should be warned. A group of his diehard fans, describing themselves as "Michael Jackson’s Rapid Response Team to Media Attacks", are taking credit for the fact that Randall Sullivan’s new biography, Untouchable: The Strange Life and Tragic Death of Michael Jackson, has become a “resounding failure in the marketplace”, according to the New York Times.

Michael’s minions took to Twitter and Facebook declaring a “time for action!” Their mission statement is “defending the king and promoting his legacy”. They take this responsibility very seriously.

Sullivan's Amazon page quickly came under attack from the King’s men: Untouchable received more than 100 anonymous one-star reviews with fans leaving angry comments such as “It’s sensationalism, lies, and simply disrespectful. Let the KING rest in peace Mr Sullivan.” Fans are particularly outraged by claims made about the pop sensation’s virginity and use of plastic surgery.

The group also took responsibility for temporarily halting sales, after Amazon received reports that the book was physically defective.
But it might be that fans' blistering reviews are actually keeping sales going; after all, there's no such thing as bad publicity. One Amazon user commented: “I have not read it, but this recent negative campaign of naysayers makes me think they want to hide something. I am now going to order it and decide for myself”.

The “sock puppets” of cyberspace (the online users who review a work either negatively or positively in order to promote their own agenda) are, in fact, injuring their own cause and advertising the value of the professional critic. The New York Times’s Michiko Kakutani described the book as “dreary”, “bloated” and “thoroughly dispensable” in a takedown less tainted by vested interests. Maybe her opinion is what is driving down sales.

Notable recent “sock puppets” include the crime novelist RJ Ellory who used various pseudonyms to praise his own novels: he described his own A Quiet Belief in Angels as a “modern masterpiece”. In 2010, the historian Orlando Figes apologised when it became apparent he had praised his own work annonymously on Amazon, while describing a work by fellow historian Rachel Polonksy as “the sort of book that makes you wonder why it was ever published.”

Professional book critics are often criticised for being too friendly with the people they're reviewing. But at least they use their own names.

Cirque du Soleil The Immortal Tour / Re: Tour Dates Asia
« Last post by moonstreet on January 27, 2013, 03:02:12 PM »
We are happy to inform you that pre-sale tickets for Michael Jackson The IMMORTAL World Tour in Taipei will go on sale this FRIDAY morning, January 25, at 10 a.m. local Taipei time.
Tickets will be available here: http://ticket.7net.com.tw/index.php?class=activity&func=activity&work=detail&activity_id=16486

The Official Online Team of The Michael Jackson Estate™
Cirque du Soleil The Immortal Tour / IMMORTAL Tour Dates Asia
« Last post by moonstreet on January 27, 2013, 02:59:55 PM »
COUNTRY  CITY         VENUE                        DATE

Japan                Saitama                  Saitama Super Arena                    Thursday  9  May 2013
Japan                Saitama                  Saitama Super Arena                    Friday      10 May 2013
Japan                Saitama                  Saitama Super Arena                    Saturday  11 May 2013
Japan                Saitama                  Saitama Super Arena                    Sunday    12 May 2013
Japan                Yokohama               Yokohama Arena                          Thursday  16 May  2013
Japan                Yokohama               Yokohama Arena                           Friday     17 May  2013
Japan                Yokohama               Yokohama Arena                          Saturday  18 May  2013
Japan                Yokohama               Yokohama Arena                          Sunday    19 May  2013
Japan                Nagoya                   Nagoya Nihon Gaishi Hall                Thursday 23 May 2013
Japan                Nagoya                   Nagoya Nihon Gaishi Hall                Friday     24 May 2013
Japan                Nagoya                   Nagoya Nihon Gaishi Hall                Saturday 25 May 2013
Japan                Nagoya                   Nagoya Nihon Gaishi Hall                Sunday   26 May 2013
Japan                Fukuoka                  Marine Messe Fukuoka                  Thursday 30 May 2013
Japan                Fukuoka                  Marine Messe Fukuoka                   Friday    31 May 2013
Japan                Fukuoka                  Marine Messe Fukuoka                  Saturday   1 June  2013
Japan                Fukuoka                  Marine Messe Fukuoka                  Sunday     2 June  2013
Japan                Osaka                     Osaka Jo Hall                              Thursday   6 June  2013
Japan                Osaka                     Osaka Jo Hall                              Friday       7 June  2013
Japan                Osaka                     Osaka Jo Hall                              Saturday   8 June  2013
Japan                Osaka                     Osaka Jo Hall                              Sunday     9 June  2013
Japan                Osaka                     Osaka Jo Hall                              Monday    10 June  2013
Japan                Osaka                     Osaka Jo Hall                              Tuesday   11 June  2013
Japan                Osaka                     Osaka Jo Hall                              Wednesday 12 June  2013
Japan                Osaka                     Osaka Jo Hall                              Thursday   13 June  2013
Japan                Osaka                     Osaka Jo Hall                              Friday       14  June  2013
Japan                Osaka                     Osaka Jo Hall                              Saturday   15 June  2013
Japan                Osaka                     Osaka Jo Hall                              Sunday     16 June  2013
Taiwan              Taipei                     Taipei Arena                                Saturday  28 June 2013
Taiwan              Taipei                     Taipei Arena                                Sunday    29 June 2013
Taiwan              Taipei                     Taipei Arena                                Monday    30 June 2013

News and Information / Re: Vanity Fair October 2012 & New Book UNTOUCHABLE
« Last post by moonstreet on January 27, 2013, 02:29:26 PM »
Swarming a Book Online By DAVID STREITFELD
Published: January 20, 2013

Reviews on Amazon are becoming attack weapons, intended to sink new books as soon as they are published.
In the biggest, most overt and most successful of these campaigns, a group of Michael Jackson fans used Facebook and Twitter to solicit negative reviews of a new biography of the singer. They bombarded Amazon with dozens of one-star takedowns, succeeded in getting several favorable notices erased and even took credit for Amazon’s briefly removing the book from sale.

“Books used to die by being ignored, but now they can be killed — and perhaps unjustly killed,” said Trevor Pinch, a Cornell sociologist who has studied Amazon reviews. “In theory, a very good book could be killed by a group of people for malicious reasons.”

In “Untouchable: The Strange Life and Tragic Death of Michael Jackson,” Randall Sullivan writes that Jackson’s overuse of plastic surgery reduced his nose to little more than a pair of nostrils and that he died a virgin despite being married twice. These points in particular seem to infuriate the fans.

Outside Amazon, the book had a mixed reception; in The New York Times, Michiko Kakutani called it “thoroughly dispensable.” So it is difficult to pinpoint how effective the campaign was. Still, the book has been a resounding failure in the marketplace.

The fans, who call themselves Michael Jackson’s Rapid Response Team to Media Attacks, say they are exercising their free speech rights to protest a book they feel is exploitative and inaccurate. “Sullivan does everything he can to dehumanize, dismantle and destroy, against all objective fact,” a spokesman for the group said.

But the book’s publisher, Grove Press, said the Amazon review system was being abused in an organized campaign. “We’re very reluctant to interfere with the free flow of discourse, but there should be transparency about people’s motivations,” said Morgan Entrekin, president of Grove/Atlantic, Grove’s parent company.

Amazon said the fans’ reviews had not violated its guidelines but declined further comment.

The retailer, like other sites that depend on customer reviews, has been faced with the problem of so-called sock puppets, those people secretly commissioned by an author to produce favorable notices. In recent months, Amazon has made efforts to remove reviews by those it deemed too close to the author, especially relatives.

The issue of attack reviews, though, has received little attention. The historian Orlando Figes was revealed in 2010 to be using Amazon to anonymously vilify his rivals and secretly praise himself. The crime writer R. J. Ellory was exposed for doing the same thing last fall.

Attack reviews are hard to police. It is difficult, if not impossible, to detect the difference between an authentic critical review and an author malevolently trying to bring down a colleague, or organized assaults by fans. Amazon’s extensive rules on reviewing offer little guidance on what is permissible in negative reviews and what is not.

With “Untouchable,” Grove had hopes for a modest best seller. The book was excerpted in Vanity Fair, and Mr. Sullivan, a longtime contributor to Rolling Stone who lives in Portland, Ore., promoted it on “Nightline” and “Good Morning America.” Amazon selected it as one of the best books of November, encouraging readers to “check out this train wreck of a life.” The retailer also selected it as one of the 100 best e-books of the year.

None of that helped when Mr. Sullivan tried to complain, saying reviews of his book were factually false yet being voted up by the fans so that they dominated the page for “Untouchable.” The bookseller replied with boilerplate. “Rest assured, we’ll read each of the reviews and remove any that violate our guidelines,” adding, “We’ve appreciated your business and hope to have the opportunity to serve you again in the future.”

In an interview, Mr. Sullivan asked: “Should people be allowed to make flagrantly false comments about the content of a book or its author? This is suppression of free speech in the name of free speech.”

“Untouchable” is 586 pages of text, with 200 pages of notes. Much of it focuses on Jackson’s chaotic last years, including his efforts at comebacks, his struggles to remain solvent, his shocking death in 2009 and the battle over his estate.

It is a largely sympathetic portrait. For instance, Mr. Sullivan seeks to refute the popular notion that the singer had troubling relationships with young boys. Jackson was found not guilty of child-molesting in a criminal trial in 2005.

Yet even before the book was officially published on Nov. 13, the rapid response team declared, “It’s time for action!”

Within two weeks, the book had nearly 100 anonymous one-star reviews that included such comments as: “A disgrace and a disgusting insult to the greatest artist and entertainer the world has ever known.” “There is not one actual fact in this book.” “Sullivan seeks to criticize Michael’s spending habits? It’s none of his business what Michael spent his money on.” “Michael Jackson has dedicated his entire life to helping others. He doesn’t deserve this.” “The audacity to term Michael Jackson’s life a ‘train wreck’ is nothing less than evil and uneducated.”

For several days in late November, Amazon stopped selling physical copies of the book after buyers said copies were defective, in a development first reported by The Portland Oregonian. Mr. Entrekin said Amazon was the only sales outlet that had received such complaints.

The fans took the credit for removing the book from sale. “Book stopped selling,” one of them noted in a Nov. 26 post on the Facebook page. “MJ fans we have done it again!!! Who’s BAD!!!”

About that time, other readers started leaving positive reviews of the book and criticizing the negative reviews, turning the review forum into a full-scale brawl. The fans labeled these reviewers “haters,” saying: “Do not fight with the haters but we need you to focus on the book and leave negative reviews of the book. Rate it with one star. We do not want the book rating to go up.”

It also encouraged the fans to report “the MJ hating trolls” to Amazon for making “inappropriate and personal” attacks against those who left negative reviews.

Tom Mesereau, the Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer who became a hero among Jackson fans when he successfully represented the singer in his molesting case, was a major source for Mr. Sullivan. In early December, he made a YouTube video calling the attacks on “Untouchable” a “disgusting, sophisticated, Hollywood-style P.R. campaign.”

In reality, the campaign is being run a long way from Hollywood. An administrator for the rapid response team, who identified himself as Steve Pollard, said five people run the Facebook site and Twitter efforts, only three of them in the United States. Going after “Untouchable” was “a moral responsibility,” said Mr. Pollard, a 52-year-old resident of Detroit. He explained, “If you were to drive by a graveyard and see someone steal a corpse in order to make a profit, you would feel some responsibility to do something.”

He said that the response team did not tell fans what to say in their Amazon reviews and that they did not try to have the book removed, despite messages to the contrary on the Facebook page. But he added in an e-mail that some of the favorable reviews of “Untouchable” “were removed (I think) because they were attacks against fans and not reviews of his book. We reported the attacks of course.”

Mr. Pinch, the Cornell researcher, said he got the sense that “Amazon is hoping that all these problems with positive and negative reviews will go away.” He added: “But as more and more abuses come to light, the overall effect will be a slow undermining of the process. There are so many ways to game the system.”

Grove distributed 16,000 copies of “Untouchable.” Nielsen BookScan, which tracks sales in most outlets, counted only 3,000 copies sold. For a time this month, “Untouchable” was being outsold on Amazon by a book on Jackson’s body language, “Behind the Mask.”

That book, published by the author, had something going for it that “Untouchable” did not: the endorsement of the fans. “Michael Jackson would be pleased that such an objective book was written about him,” one reviewer wrote on Amazon.

Jackson Family V AEG Civil Court Case / Re: Jackson Family V AEG Live
« Last post by moonstreet on January 27, 2013, 02:24:58 PM »
Murray Subpoenaed In Katherine Jackson's Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against AEG
1/20/2013 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson is reaching out to the man who killed her son because she needs him badly for something ... TMZ has learned.

Katherine is in the throes of a wrongful death lawsuit against AEG, claiming the company negligently hired Dr. Conrad Murray and failed to properly supervise him.

Here's the problem.  She needs Murray on the record, explaining how the arrangement went down, so she's subpoenaed the jailed Doc. Katherine wants Murray to acknowledge AEG masterminded the plan to bring him on board.

It's ironic, to say the least, but Katherine is dealing with some bad options. She can go after Murray, but he doesn't have a pot to piss in. Or, she can try to bring him into the fold in order to go after the deep pockets -- AEG.

Now the real problem -- Murray's not cooperating. His lawyers, Valerie Wass and J. Michael Flanagan, are fighting the subpoena, trying to get it tossed on technical grounds.

So Katherine can persist ... and a judge could order Murray to tell all. But she doesn't want to unnecessarily antagonize the Doc, because a hostile witness is often a bad witness.

Visit the TMZ Store: http://tmzstore.com
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