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Author Topic: New Lisa Campbell Michael Jackson book  (Read 1697 times)

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New Lisa Campbell Michael Jackson book
« on: November 25, 2012, 11:01:44 AM »

Flint native chronicles Michael Jackson's life story
By William E. Ketchum III | wketchum@mlive.com
on November 17, 2012 at 4:00 PM, updated November 17, 2012 at 7:10 PM

FLINT, MI -- A wealth of information about Michael Jackson is available with a quick Google search of the entertainment icon's name, but that doesn't mean that all of it is true.

With her new book, a Genesee County native hopes to tell the singer's life story to anyone willing to listen.

Flint native Lisa Campbell's adoration for Michael Jackson began in 1979, with the release of the singer's breakthrough record "Off The Wall." Ever since, she has read, watched, researched and collected just about everything related to the King of Pop.

Her home in Phoenix, Ariz., where she moved with her husband six years ago due to a job opportunity for him, has an entire room dedicated to the singer. Some would call it a shrine, but Campbell affectionately calls it a "museum:" a large video library, a Bic lighter with Jackson's likeness, postage stamps, promotional posters, the original animation film from the Jackson 5 cartoon series, and much more.

So when Campbell saw false information regularly published about Jackson, she felt like she could be a more reliable source.

For example: many believe that Jackson won eight Grammys for the classic album "Thriller" in 1984, but Campbell says that wasn't the case. Only seven were for "Thriller," while the eighth was for his work on a children's recording of a storybook for Steven Spielberg's film "E.T."

Also, the story about Dianna Ross discovering the Jackson 5, she says, is untrue; it was only a rumor that Motown spread to help the group get more attention. The group was actually discovered, she claims, by Bobby Taylor, of the group Bobby Taylor and The Vancouvers.

"I was continuing to research about him, and I'd see things that were more and more incorrect," Campbell said. "I thought, I could write a better book than this. So I actually did it."

The Flint Central High School and University of Michigan-Flint graduate penned "Michael Jackson: The King of Pop" in 1989, when Jackson was touring for his album "Bad."

She sent two copies of the books to Jackson's office in Los Angeles: one for him to keep, and one for him to sign and keep back.

She got back more than she expected.

"Michael's manager called my house, and said that Michael flipped over my books. He loved them," she said. "He had his publicist call me and work with me in promoting the book."

Campbell appeared on CNN and talk shows by Vicki Lawrence, Patrice Berry, and later, E! Entertainment Television. She also said that she received three dozen red roses on her birthday from Jackson's camp.

She was scheduled to be flown out to Los Angeles to attend an award ceremony that Jackson would be honored at, but he was slammed with the child abuse allegations, and he asked to be withdrawn from the event.

Later, Jackson gave her perhaps the biggest acknowledgement of all by listing her name in the "Thank Yous" section of his album HIStory, on the same page as legends such as Quincy Jones and Paul McCartney.

"I had no idea (that I would be listed), I just bought my copy on the first day of release. I read the 'Thank Yous' because I like to know who all those people are," she said. "It was beyond any of my highest expectations. I hoped I'd somehow know that Michael was aware of my work, but he was so gracious with me and so nice in everything that he did for me."

Amidst the criminal charges Jackson faced, Campbell wrote "Michael Jackson: The King of Pop's Darkest Hour."

Both of her first books are largely out of print, but after mourning the singer's death, she decided to edit, rewrite and combine her first two books to compile "Michael Jackson: The Complete Story of the King of Pop," which hit digital retailers such as Amazon on Friday, Nov. 9.

The book chronicles Jackson's entertainment career, philanthropic endeavors, his child molestation accusations, the global response of his death, and the continuation of his legacy through trustees of his estate.

She considers it the definitive account of his life and career.

"I thought if I could change someone's perspective who thinks of him as a freak show," she said, "that it was a worthwhile project."

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Re: New Lisa Campbell Michael Jackson book
« Reply #1 on: November 26, 2012, 09:58:25 AM »

Forever a fan of the King of Pop: Ahwatukee Michael Jackson fan releases third book
Posted: Sunday, November 25, 2012 7:00 am
By Allison Hurtado, Ahwatukee Foothills News

Ahwatukee Foothills resident Lisa Campbell is not your average Michael Jackson fan girl.

Campbell’s obsession began in 1979 when Jackson’s first solo album, “Off the Wall,” came out.
“I took a great interest in him at that time because it was hard for me to reconcile that this was the same artist I had seen as a little kid,” she said. “Two years later “Thriller” came out and I was gone. That was it for me.”

Jackson’s music at the time was so different from anything else out. His videos were so much more interesting than others too, Campbell said. She watched closely as he swept the Grammys and his albums skyrocketed to No. 1.

“I found him fascinating in a lot of different areas, not just singing and dancing, which was amazing enough,” she said. “As I learned more about him and his background and all the things he overcame to get to where he was, it made you be even more impressed with where he ended up.”

As Campbell looked deeper into Jackson’s life she encountered a lot of different writings about him, many of which were false.

“It annoyed me when I read things that weren’t true,” she said. “I thought, ‘I could write better than this.’ So I did.”
Campbell started writing her first book, “Michael Jackson: The King of Pop” in the summer of 1989 just following the Bad tour, which she had seen several times. It was released in spring of 1993.

She sent a copy of her first book to Jackson’s office and got a call from his manager. She was told that Jackson loved the book. He signed and returned a copy, thanked her personally on the liner notes of his “HIStory” album, and even sent her three dozen red roses on her birthday.

“In my wildest dreams I never thought I’d get any kind of acknowledgement from him,” Campbell said. “That’s all I wanted. I wanted some kind of way to know he at least knew about my books. I hardly expected any of the things he did.”

Jackson’s publicist worked with Campbell to promote the book. She was interviewed by CNN and other talk shows, newspapers and magazines.
It all hit a wall in August of 1993. At the time Campbell was set to attend an awards ceremony where Jackson would be honored. It would be the first time she would meet Jackson. When the allegations of molestation hit the airwaves the ceremony and Campbell’s meeting were cancelled. She would never get a chance to meet him.

Her second book, “Michael Jackson: The King of Pop’s Darkest Hour” details his struggle with those allegations. It was published in 1994.
Now Campbell is out with a new book, “Michael Jackson: The Complete Story of the King of Pop.” It goes over details from the first and second books and tells Jackson’s story through his death, and even after his death. All three of her books will be part of Jackson’s estate archives.

Campbell is still an avid fan of Jackson. She has a room inside her home in Ahwatukee Foothills dedicated to Jackson memorabilia and many more crates of items she says she doesn’t have room to display. She said after all these years of researching Jackson and collecting everything she can find worth collecting, she has no plans to stop.

She says she enjoys knowing little facts about Jackson that not many people know, like his love for Bazooka Bubblegum, that he made wonderful French toast, and that he loved to play Janet Jackson’s music very loudly and dance to it.

“He was surprisingly normal,” Campbell said. “He was sane. I know a lot of people think of him as this freak show. I think if you’re just a casual observer and you just see the headlines you think he’s just very strange… He was multi-talented in areas people have no idea.”

Campbell’s books are available online through major retailers in hard-back, paper-back and e-books.