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Author Topic: Michael Jackson: Singer's 'Number Ones' album #122 on Billboard 200 chart  (Read 804 times)

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Michael Jackson: Singer's 'Number Ones' album #122 on Billboard 200 chart

Katrina K Wheeler, Jackson Family Examiner
July 3, 2011

The international superstar, Michael Jackson, the legendary performer remains to be the King of Pop, and according to the most recent Billboard 200 chart, the star remains to be on it, and fans celebrated his life on the recent two-year anniversary of his passing.

As the Billboard 200 chart demonstrates, Michael Jackson's Number Ones album is at #122 on the chart. The album contains all of Jackson's top hits, and includes such fan favorites as "Billy Jean," Thriller," "Smooth Criminal," and many others. Jackson's current single, "Hollywood Tonight" was recently at #1 on the Billboard Dance chart, and fans around the world continue to purchase and listen to Jackson's music because it resonates with so many people.

The superstar singer's fans continue to show their loyalty for the star by supporting all projects that are associated
with the singer. There is no doubt that all things associated with the star remains to be successful, and fans are hoping to see justice attained for the legend, and the truth of what took place on June 25, 2009 will be known.

What do you think of the fact that Michael Jackson's album is on the Billboard 200 chart? What is your all-time favorite song from the King of Pop? Do you like the new album that was released in December, Michael?