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Author Topic: Michael Jackson - Former Jacksons Associate Planning Billie Jean Film Expose  (Read 781 times)

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Michael Jackson - Former Jacksons Associate Planning Billie Jean Film Expose
07 February 2011 22:02

Michael Jackson 's estate has threatened legal action against KATHERINE JACKSON's new business partner, alleging he has no right to make money from the late singer's legacy


MICHAEL JACKSON's real-life BILLIE JEAN is set to be exposed in a new movie that a former Jacksons associate is shopping around Hollywood and London.

Ron Newt grew up with the Jacksons and took home video footage of Michael as his solo career was taking off in 1981 and 1982.

He was forbidden from doing anything with the film while the King of Pop was alive, because Jackson didn't want fans seeing rehearsal footage.

Newt tells WENN, "He didn't want people seeing all the mistakes, but it's hilarious stuff - Michael cursing and rehearsing and yelling at his brother Randy for stepping on his mic cord."

But now Newt has unearthed the lost footage and he's offering it to producers, along with an introduction to the California stylist who inspired Billie Jean.

He says, "It's time she was revealed on film. I know where she lives and I know she'll talk. She has a son that looks a lot like Michael Jackson. Hers is a fascinating story, and together with my rehearsal footage of Jackson before he started messing with his appearance, this film could be a big hit."

Newt is also working on a book, All That Glitters, about his long association with the Jacksons, which ended in 2005 after the King of Pop's child molestation trial.



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Ron Newt still not found a buyer then- August TMZ

New MJ Movie Being Shopped -- 'This Is REALLY It'
8/29/2010 12:55 AM PDT by TMZ Staff   


Michael Jackson could live again on the big screen -- TMZ has learned a former Jackson associate is trying to shop around a full-length movie featuring unseen rehearsal footage from MJ's 1981 concert series.

The man behind the deal is Ron Newt -- who claims he was so close with Michael, and that the singer gave him special behind-the-scenes footage from Jackson's 1981 Triumph Tour.

Now, after seeing the success of "This Is It " -- Newt tells TMZ he's put together a 64-minute feature film from his footage ... which includes several candid moments involving MJ and his brothers. Michael can also be seen dancing, singing and directing the stage production.

Newt tells us he's already getting offers from several interested parties -- with proposals reaching into seven figures.