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Author Topic: Dr. Christopher Rogers Talks to Students  (Read 1114 times)

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Dr. Christopher Rogers Talks to Students
« on: January 16, 2012, 12:47:08 PM »

Dr. Christopher Rogers Talks to Oswego Students
January 12, 2012

A welcome back treat recently for many Oswego students and faculty involved a visit from renowned Los Angeles pathologist Dr. Christopher Rogers.

Dr. Rogers,  is tied to our community through his relationship to me, his sister, Beth Krane, and my family, Scott and our three boys. Many of the students were puzzled by who this man was until another name was mentioned—Michael Jackson.

While here Dr. Rogers was kind enough to spend some time at Churchill Elementary and Oswego High schools discussing the human body with the third grade students. Eli Krane, his nephew, had the honor of introducing him as his, "famous uncle."

The students seemed to enjoy his presentation about how to identify a person using just the skeleton, but the best part was the questions from the audience. In great humor Dr. Rogers attempted to answer all the questions, keeping the answers to a thrid-grade level, including what happens to the eye when you die, and listening to the stories of collar bones getting broken.

Dr. Rogers was also invited by Mr. Keener to speak to the forensic classes at OHS. A full day of riveting information about forensic pathology as well as introducing students to other lines of forensic opportunities was delivered through information and stories.

Of course the highlight for all the students at OHS was in the last 10 minutes when he discussed the Michael Jackson case. Dr. Rogers, who performed an autopsy on Jackson and testified at the Conrad Murray trial, brought the students into the home of the pop star with all its elaborate halls and extremely large rooms.

He explained the process which was in place to move Michael Jackson from his home to a nearby hospital and then having the body flown to the coroner's office to reduce the media and fan frenzy that had already erupted in the streets. Next was the protocol that required a strict lockdown of the facility, the room, and who would be allowed to handle the case.

The Chief Coroner, the Deputy Coroner (Dr. Rogers), and two other pathology interns. No cameras. No cell phones. No surveillance video. Pictures were taken for trials and documentation purposes and locked carefully into a vault. As Dr. Rogers stated, "the autopsy photos are going for $6.5 million dollars, and I'd like to note that I am still driving a Toyota from 2008."