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Author Topic: Review of IMMORTAL from MJJC (Spoiler Alert)  (Read 2038 times)

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Review of IMMORTAL from MJJC (Spoiler Alert)
« on: September 21, 2011, 08:54:58 AM »

(click on the above link to see videos of Michael Jackson fans arriving in Montreal and Michael Jackson fans meeting with Cirque Du Soleil and The Estate of Michael Jackson)

Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour - An Exclusive Rehearsal Review - My Story
Tuesday, 20 September 2011 23:55

It was a normal morning for me working 9 to 5 it was a usual day when all of a sudden an email that was to take my breathe away hit my inbox titled a special invitation I was curious to its content of course you can imagine my inbox mail after mail and like anyone I always read my mail and ensure people get a responce yep one hell of a task but thats just me being me as a servant to the fans of Michael Jackson however this particular mail caught my eye moreso than most and here is why,

Upon opening I started reading the emotions were building and building I could not beleive what I was reading in fact I read and re read thinking no surely not surely this is a joke however it wasn't it was genuine those that sent it I know to be legit and would never play a prank like this so yes to my abolute amazement it said hey Gaz do you want to come to Montreal in Canada would you like so come and see a private performance of Cirque Du Soliel's ultimate tribute to Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour omg I was wooohhhaaaaa I was climbing the walls with excitement omg I said to myself this is for real I am going to watch not only the worlds most iconic artist's tribute just as importantly Cirque Du Soleil were the ones doing it now from the very day this was announced I was like OMG what a partnership two iconic legends coming together what better way of celebrating Michael than Cirque doing it hell Michael himself loved all they did even touring their campus,

The day came nervous as hell my trip began with lots of flying 10 hours one way in fact to Canada via the US but was it worth it HELL YEAH IT WAS

My Day Starts Here

So 3.30pm came and of we went I could not beleive we were that close only a ten minute walk around the corner to the Bell Centre hockey stadium, yep a whole arena was reserved for the final rehearsals one in which we were invited, at one point I had to pinch myself thinking see I told you so those in charge are wanting to do Michael and his legacy justice clearly they had every intention to involve us the fans of course you can't invite everyone so why not the leaders who represent communities in the wider world.

Walking into the arena we were litteraly stunned for words, infront of us was the stage and set of Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour by Cirqu Du Soleil and let me tell you it ozzed Michael you could litteraly feel the energy of him all around the arena the excitement was building and like any rehearsals there was fine tuning to be done we kept getting small glimpses of his images on the big screens only for them to dissapear yep like with all setting these things up there were customary blips in that there was an issue with the video software waited and waited but you know what this increased our excitement many of the shows legendary contributors made a point to come and talk to us one being the great Greg Phillinganes musical director and master in his own right having worked with Michael directly on many of his albums and tours to other legendary artists the energy this man has for the show and Michael's legacy was awe inspiring second to approach us was The Talauega Brothers choreographers to the show who had much to say to us including one factor that stuck out was make sure you got some tissues then the energy was building and building we could not wait no more.

The Stage

The set was dominated by a huge spiraling tree which had to be a replica of Michael's giving tree around the tree was a huge stage and to the upper rear was Cirq's first ever live band steps dropped down to the dance and main show area with a long singular dance and walk way coming way out to beyond the middle of the arena finnished with a huge round dance area,


The rumbling started the lights went up, its show time.....

Facing us was Michael's Neverland gates appearing out of the smoke from the very end of the stage was a young man who started to dance to Remember The Time and dance he did Locking and popping spinning and sliding/gliding it was clear this man could dance.

He was then in slow motion being sucked back along the stage to a huge screen where Michael himself was dancing the emotions started to run as all the memories of seeing him live came flooding back from the outset you could see they were trying to capture the essence of Michael actually being there the energy he oozed to the crowds even though he wasnt it was still a must for all to see and hear Cirq had me hooked from that moment it was clear I was not just watching a tribute but some thing that was dedicated to him his memory his incredible talents Cirq wanted to create it all and that they did with their own iconic ability to put on a show of shows Cirq lived up to everything they are good at.

I do not want to go into to much detail so as to not spoil your very own experience but many a tune boomed across the arena Childhood was for me very emotional and brought back a lot of the emotions of Michael what he endured through his years then to lift it up again was Wanna Be Startin Somthin after which from the audience the stage was raided by five super fans this story in itself was amazing throughout the show as they kept appearing and as the story unfolded it was clear they were there to try and be with Michael in Neverland skipping to some favourable parts Dangerous and Smooth Criminal was OMG they for me managed to capture the dance Michael created and performed another incredible part was Human Nature acrobats all in black with lights all over spinning up and down in rings above the stage was hugley a favourite for me,

Moving onto the to the music I for one could not be more excited to tell you all of the sounds that boomed around for pretty much the whole of the show the mash ups the mixes the classics and incredibly the live band they were faultless in creating a master peice from start to finnish it is one hell of a musical journey and hell yeah I have got to get my hands on it to play in our All Michael Friday Show lol.

If The Immortal World Tour comes to a city near you whether your a fan or not its a must as one thing is for sure if you not a fan you soon will be.

I commend the Estate And Cirque together they have brough not only two iconics in Michael Jackson and Cirque Du Soleil but a team of people who have throughout Michael's life have been there for him helped him in acheiving his success those from who have produced his music to choreographed his moves even styled his cloths what is evident is those in charge have not left no stone unturned in their quest to honour Michael's legacy

You cant beat the main man himself but boy these guys have come a close second.

My last words and sentimients are exactly as I told to both Jeff Jampol Estate General Manager and John Branca Co Excecutor Of Michael Jackson's Estate - With this show you have done Michael Justice,

Yes finnaly A real Tribute To Michael Jackson
All My Love

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